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Previously Held Town Hall Meetings

Tuesday, July 2 — 6:30 p.m.

Board of Supervisors Open House

Board Auditorium

Washington County
Government Center Building

Monday, July 15 — 6:30 p.m.

VHCC Auditorium

Madison and Harrison districts

Watch the Meeting

Thursday, July 18 — 6:00 p.m.

Rhea Valley Elementary

Taylor District

Friday, July 19 — 6:00 p.m. 

Patrick Henry High School Auditorium

Monroe and Jefferson districts

Monday, July 22 — 6:00 p.m.

John S. Battle Auditorium

Tyler and Wilson districts

Washington County, Virginia
Board of Supervisors

Saul A. Hernandez, Chairman

Saul A. Hernandez
F-11 Tyler District
(276) 791-0436

Allison Mays, Vice-chair

Allison Mays
C-11 Madison District
(276) 525-2381

Phillip B. McCall, Board Member

Phillip B. McCall
Board Member
A-11 Harrison District
(276) 628-4536

Randy L. Pennigton, Board Member

Randy L. Pennington
Board Member
B-11 Jefferson District
(276) 944-3146

Eddie Copenhaver, Board Member

Eddie Copenhaver
Board Member
D-11 Monroe District
(276) 525-2438

Mike Rush, Board Member

Mike Rush
Board Member
E-11 Taylor District
(276) 492-3044

Dwayne Ball, Board Member

Dwayne Ball
Board Member
G-11 Wilson District
(423) 335-9225

Courthouse Funding Options

Davenport & Company
Analysis of Courthouse Funding Options

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No action on Abingdon courthouse until June 25

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Mailers will help inform residents of courthouse

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Our View: County supervisors made the right move to allow voters to decide courthouse issue

None of Abingdon’s recent town managers have been asked to be part of ‘courthouse committee’

INSIDE THE COURTHOUSE: A maze of hallways, with cramped quarters and security issues

COURTHOUSE PARKING: Some say there is enough space, others don’t agree

Abingdon zoning official says ‘no’ to request on courthouse

Abingdon Town Council to consider resolution against courthouse relocation 

Abingdon Town Council approves courthouse resolution

Your View: The old K-Mart should be adapted to new business, not courthouse

Washington County BOS looking for neutral way to inform on courthouse option

Our View: Courthouse issue is a failure to communicate

Your View: Property across from courthouse could house expansion

Attorneys speak out against moving courthouse to vacant Kmart

Board of Supervisors approves informative flyers on courthouse move

Your View: Town of Abingdon needs to listen to county taxpayers

Your View: Abingdon courthouse the capstone of town’s unique identity

Your View: Consider repurposing Town Centre into Justice Center

Your View: Kmart building for courthouse offices would be frugal solution

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Their View: The courthouse decision is yours

COURT DECISION: Washington County, VA, voters to decide whether to relocate courthouse

Your View: It’s easy to just spend money on courthouse

Southwest Virginia voters will decide large slate of races on Election Day

First Look: 2019 Election Results

Washington County voter turnout up compared to 2017 Election Day

Washington County voters turn down courthouse move to old Kmart building

Southwest Virginia Today

Public will debate 3 options for Abingdon Courthouse

OPINION: Washington County residents will have the say-so on plans to move or rebuild courthouse

Blue Light Specials for running red lights

How much does the county need a new courthouse?

Council Considers Forming Library, Museum Out of Old Courthouse

OPINION: Washington’s Supervisors Should Move for Vote on Courthouse Issue

Abingdon Attorney’s Vote Against Moving Courthouse

Residents urge “no rush” on Abingdon courthouse move

Letter: Moving Abingdon courthouse should be a no-brainer

Abingdon lawyer rankled by idea of Kmart courthouse

Opinion: Modernize courthouse but maintain historic downtown

Opinion: County supervisors made the right move to allow voters to decide courthouse issue

Courthouse zoning decision in hands of Abingdon town official

Letter: Abingdon should better utilize courthouse and keep it on Main Street

Zoning rules could prevent courthouse move to Kmart

Abingdon Town Council adopts resolution against courthouse move

Abingdon Town Council discusses future of former stores

Wandering Around Washington: College for Older Adults students favor not moving courthouse in straw poll


Washington Co., VA Board of Supervisors holds first public input meeting on the future of county courthouse

Commissioners postpone first reading on Washington County, VA courthouse relocation

Washington County, Va. board of supervisors hold discussion on relocating courthouse

Washington County, Va. officials consider relocating county courthouse

Washington County, VA Board of Supervisors to discuss moving courthouse

Meeting on Relocation of Washington Co. VA Courthouse To Be Held Monday

Washington Co., VA Board of Supervisors approve referendum to relocate courthouse

Abingdon Town Council may oppose changing location of Washington County Courthouse


Washington County, VA officials exploring possibility of building new courthouse

Washington County, Va. considering plans for courthouse’s future

Washington County, Virginia officials seek public’s input on future of courthouse

Attorneys want additional option considered for courthouse

Voters have final say on moving Washington County, VA courthouse to old KMart building

Town council takes firm stand, opposing relocation of historic courthouse to old Kmart

Residents offered courthouse tour ahead of November referendum

Washington County, Va. votes ‘no’ on courthouse referendum


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Virginia county weighs courthouse move to old KMart site

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Videos from Town Hall Meetings

Monday, July 15 Town Hall Meeting
Virginia Highlands Community College Auditorium

Friday, July 19 Town Hall Meeting
Patrick Henry High School Auditorium

Monday, July 22 Town Hall Meeting
John Battle High School Auditorium

Wednesday, July 24 Virginia Bar Association Meeting
Board of Supervisors Auditorium